Teach your baby to sleep through the night

Sleep doesn't need to be sacrificed because you are new parents...Dreaming of Sleep? You are at the right place

The 5 most common sleep challenges

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Your baby will only fall asleep while being fed, and wants to feed at different times throughout the night. 

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Your little one needs some kind of motion (rocking, bouncing, swinging) in order to fall asleep at bedtime. 

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Your child falls asleep fairly well at bedtime, but wakes frequently throughout the night and needs you to "soothe" them back to sleep.

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Your baby seems to have days and nights confused. Sleeps well during the day, but awake and energetic at night. 

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Your child sleeps well at night, but has difficulty napping. May take forever to fall asleep for naps, but then wakes after  20 or 30 minutes.

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Sound familiar? I've helped families just like yours solve all of these common sleep challenges and many more!




(0-3 months)

Planning healthy sleep habits from the beginning will help your baby sleeping through the night when he will be ready to do it.



(4-18 months)

A baby can generally sleep through the night from three to four months old. Thanks to a gentle method which respects your family harmony, your baby will learn to sleep through the...



(19 months and up)

If we work together, your child will rediscover the happiness to go to sleep and to sleep peacefully through the night. Thanks to my three-week program, your child will...